The Ranking of the Swiss Watches replica rolex

The Ranking of the Swiss Watches replica rolex

Here is the survey result of the ranking between IWC, Replica rolex, CARTIER and OMEGA as follows:

The replica rolex and IWC are ranking top, as there are the most people who love Rolex the most, and the reasons are mainly because of its solid performance and excellent movement and the outstanding Submariner watch for diving and the feature of once for all. In addition, the IWC also the top two that catches many people's attention, for the reasons of elegant and low-profile appearance etc. And the Omega and Cartier ranked the final in these four watches brands. If you want to know more about the ranking of the Swiss watches, just see the following:

Sales list of the global high-end watches on Swiss Le Temps
Top one: Longines 1300000 pieces
Top two: Tag Heuer 650000 pieces
Top three: Rado 300000 pieces
Top four: Tudor 220000 pieces
Top five: FREDERIQUE CONSTANT/Mido/ Titoni 140000 pieces
Top six: Hamilton 120000 pieces
Top seven: Raymond Weil 110000 pieces
Top eight: Montblanc 90000 pieces
Top nine: Baume Mercier 80000 pieces
Top ten: Bell Ross 60000 pieces
The populist watch sales represent the degree of market recognition

The rankings have the reference significance, that is, from the price, the populist high-end watch sales is the most important evaluation index. Because it represents the market acceptance and recognition of the brand, we often said before "watches above replica rolex is art, below Rolex is a practical supplies", this sentence is to tell everybody that the "practical items" paying attention to cost performance in the market performance mainly is sales, of course, for this level of wrist watch brand, sometimes we also can't see sales purely, because some brands in addition to be populist, it is also has individual character or made for certain people, such as Hamilton and Bell Ross that have the distinct military watches characteristic.