There are two types of EFT Money operators

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There are two types of EFT Money operators: and bear microseconds. Currently, very little difference between them, than the fact that the Russian bear voice lines, and microseconds (usecs) are in English others. Ultimately, each faction will have its own characteristics: USEC will focus on the AR system, modify weapons and long-range optics, and systems with AK bear attacks. Now, just select one of your favorite skin.

After selecting the operations, you can enter the air strikes either as SCAV or PMC. Select SCAV you randomly spawning gear, so you will not have any equipment from your stash, and it is possible to lose it. Scavs local bandit factions, so that other AI Scavs in the game will not see you as a threat, unless you attack first. There is a choice about the kind of play SCAV cooling time, but it is the beginning of a new player than losing your gear and a good way.

Play as PMC launch you into a RAID for your protagonist. Before entering the raid, in the main menu, select and drag characters from the stash gear to carry your role model. If you die, you lose your permanent equipment. However, it can be insured, and returned to you, do not put it on the server if other players. According to you that it's character, the time may vary, but 24-36 hours, it is estimated default insurance companies. You drag and drop to the map, click the menu next to fight the insurance, check to make sure the item, then click ready to deploy.