How Role-play Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Planning to use a life-size sex doll to better your sex performance? A ‘role play’ alternatively, could ensure that your intimate moments do not become monotonous!

This might sound incredible to some, but sex can really get better with age. The only thing required is to add something extra to that normal and regular activity in your bedroom, in order to spice up your sex life. Are you planning to use a life size sex doll to better your sex performance and impress your partner? In fact, after years of being with a person when you’re trying that same old missionary in order to get off, it might not work! A ‘role play’ in such a case could alternatively ensure that your intimate moments do not become monotonous in any way!

Roleplay, if simply defined is acting out or imitating the character of someone who is not yourself. It could be the role of a massage parlor expert or the act of a kinky boss and a stubborn employee! Doesn’t that really sound interesting? So, let’s now check out the popular roles that a couple could play in order to strike off that exciting intimate moment.


Doctor and nurse

Sometimes a naughty nurse and doctor costume are both popular and seductive. That makes this role play popular too. Putting on a white coat and using the metal spoon from your kitchen to test the reflexes of your patient (your partner in this case) might be fun and grab him or her towards you! Need a kinky patient to join your romance? If you are not comfortable adding another “person” then get a sex doll. The best part is a sexy love doll will never mind having a private part checkup the doctor and the nurse!

A College professor and student

It is quite common for a student to fantasize about one of his or her teachers from high school or college. Well, role play is all about power exchange and when it comes to some kinky sex, nothing seems to be as powerful as the act of a naughty professor!

The entire student/teacher paradigm is very hot. However, there’s a problem that might arise if you are considering age-differences as one of the primary conditions for the game. Just keep all those out of your mind, allow your partner to be at the kitchen table or hall room (as if it were the normal office hours) and beg for some extra grades. The best part of the act is – show your professor that you would “do anything” to get those grades! This surely sounds interesting and is not that difficult to go for. Isn’t it so?


Librarian and that active reader

Books and library are not conventionally thought of as sultry or sexually attractive. But it is indeed so for the nerds or so-called book lovers! The librarian could be the one to play the role of a middle-aged not-so-attractive grim-faced person in charge of those bookshelves. And the reader could be one with a short skirt, with her hair tied up in a messy bun along with a pencil popped in it. She could pair with a pair of sexy glasses and remain engrossed in an interesting volume of Charles Dickens or sexier still – Harrold Robbins!


Well, there are volumes of ideas that could be added to the concept of ‘role-playing’. Since you are reading this, you certainly need that ‘something more’ and a role-play could give you something even beyond your expectations! In case you have a fetish for a threesome and your partner is uncomfortable with the idea, pair your role play with a life size sex doll or a big booty sex doll too!