How to grow your Brand using Instagram Marketing Tools?

Instagram is a potentially powerful platform that can put your brand in front of the target audience you want to reach.

With more than 111 million monthly active users all over the world, Instagram is undoubtedly the most rapidly growing social media application. It is such an important vehicle for marketing that most prominent companies prefer to buy Instagram followers.
Instagram is the readily available platform that enables marketing of almost every e-commerce brands. This Facebook-owned photo-sharing app offers multiple tools for you to utilise and market your brand as per your needs. They help you scale your business quickly and provide the market your brand is seeking.

Have a look at the following Instagram tools that can help your brand reach new heights.

• Social Captain

Likes beget likes on Instagram. So, you must devote some effort and time on Instagram liking and commenting on contents. Here is a catch, manually going through such huge amount of contents and liking or commenting eats up a lot of valuable time. You can use an automation tool such as Social Captain that does the job for you.

• Grump

This is a scheduling tool specifically designed for Instagram. You can set to post contents at a fixed time in future without any confirmation using Grump. You can also add the first comment to your posts automatically using this tool. This is great as hashtags and captions are less likely to dilute your original message.

• Hash tracking

Hash tracking helps you to be attentive to analytical data. You can track your progress, keep notes of your performance, get your contents refined, expand the following and create effective campaigns. This tool uses a feature called ColorTracking and is responsible for driving maximum engagement.
• Minter

This analytical tool helps you get insights about not only your account but also some of the most popular accounts in your niche. With analysed data popping up regularly you can stay on top of your competitors. You can get what is popular and trendy right away. You can also run client campaigns as this tool helps to include your logo and create PDF, CSV, Excel or PPT.
• Boost
Boost is a marketing tool that helps to alter the way Instagram purchases are made. This tool lets your followers and other users initiate purchases using your custom hashtags. Simply texting or commenting with the hashtags lets them start the purchase process. It is followed by a SMS prompted for approval. This makes in-app purchases much more appealing and you buy Instagram likes.
• Repost
Content reposting is a great activity of Instagram. You can repost user-generated contents under your brand account. The app called Repost is a great marketing tool. It streamlines the process of content reposting while giving credit to the original poster. Thus, it helps to build brand image and thus aids your follower base.
Building a reputation online takes time. Not just time but dedication as well. With the help of the above tools, do a better job pulling off the Instagram campaigns.