The reason loving Rolex Submariner Watches

The reason loving Rolex Submariner Watches

Rolex, whether you know or not know about watches, have heard of this brand. If you do not know anything about watches, then remember a general rule, the watch above rolex is the art and the following is the real products. Like rolex Submariner watches, there are a lot of reasons for me to fall into love with it, in addition to its durable performance, this rolex Submariner watch waterproof water depth is 300 m, which is more durable.

Now the women wearing men watch is a kind of trend, just like the lady who wear the boyfriend t-shirt and ball uniform, wearing the loose clothes will give people a kind of other tastes. And this kind of trend is more clearly showed on another watch brand - Panerai whose watch dial is very big and not normal people can hold it.

When it comes to watch waterproof problems, don't believe that 300 m waterproof is invincible. You know, any water-resistant watch cannot touch hot water, more can't take it to sauna. Water-resistant watch can prevent water vapor. Water-resistant watch annotation of M is the meaning of a 10 meter on behalf of an atmospheric pressure, 30 meters waterproof represents in three atmospheric pressure, and the waterproof in the static state. If you have only 30 m waterproof wrist watch, so don't be silly to wear it to go swimming, 30 m means daily life waterproof, it can be said in popular point, that is in the rain, occasionally touch the water to wash your hands; for 100 m, you can go swimming, take a shower; More than 300 m, you can take to go diving. Because mechanical watches movement is so subtle, and so particularly vulnerable, water oxidation can lead to irreversible consequences.

Here is a big highlight for the Rolex Submariner - the thickness and size is very suitable for both casual and formal wearing. aswisswatches